Boat excursions in Otranto. Visit the Salento coast, the caves and coves, with lunch on board.

Salento Gite in Barca, with a decennial experience in the tourist industry, has selected the following four itineraries along the most picturesque and strikingly beautiful coasts of Salento, located between Torre dell’Orso and Santa Maria di Leuca. 

Otranto is Italy’s easternmost town, well-known as “Porta d’Oriente” (“Door to the Orient”), and it has been the destination of many peoples throughout the centuries such as Messapians, Dauni, Peuceti Japigi, Romans and Turks. These peoples have left a rich and important cultural and architectural heritage during their passage.
The southern coast of Otranto is wild and devoid of buildings. It is characterized by overhanging cliffs of volcanic origin and many bays with a rocky sea bed and a rich flora and fauna. There are also many underwater caves and land caves that can be reached by boat and are open to visitors. 

The northern coast of 
Otranto is completely different. The rock is calcareous (it is known as “Lecce Stone” or “Leccisu” in the local dialect) and it is used in the construction of churches and houses. Along this coast numerous sandy coves with a shallow sea bed appear like real paradises that can be reached by boat only. As a backdrop to these coves, there is the beautiful Mediterrean maquis with its centuries-old maritime pine woods and its plants of blueberry, laurel and rosemary.

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