Boat excursions in Otranto. Visit the Salento coast, the caves and coves, with lunch on board.

We will see landscapes which are not explorable from the mainland, mysterious coves, colors and unique light effects. By our boats you can enter the wonderful marine caves of Salento.

With Salento Boat Trips you will get to know and be able to swim in the pristine bays that Salento has to offer.
In this section you will find listed some of the most suggestive bays, locations and caves that you will visit during our trips and excursions, including: Otranto, Baia Mulino d'Acqua, Baia Morrone, Grotta delle Conchiglie, Baia Morrone, Baia dei Turchi, Grotta delle Rose, Grotta Sfondata, Grotta Zinzulusa, Grotta Azzurra and Grotta Palombara.

The most beautiful and fascinating caves of Salento, the towers and the Salento coast can only be visited with our excursions, mini cruises and boat trips in the clear and crystalline Salento sea. Discover the details and details of each cave. Click on it.