Boat excursions in Otranto. Visit the Salento coast, the caves and coves, with lunch on board.

Torre Sant'Andrea is a seaside resort in Salento, a hamlet of Melendugno.

It is located a few kilometers south of Torre dell'Orso and just over a dozen kilometers north of Otranto.

This location does not have any beach establishments, but every year it is besieged for its panorama and above all for its sea stacks, the renowned sea stacks of Torre Sant'Andrea.

The stacks of Torre Sant'Andrea

The stacks are the characteristic feature of Torre Sant'Andrea; a work of art of nature, shaped by the continuous erosion of the soft rock by atmospheric agents and winter storms.

Of all the stacks, the most evocative is the arch-shaped one: the Arch of Lovers, a place which, on days with calm seas, gives the unique possibility of swimming through a crystal-clear sea.
Awarded blue flag several times: sandy seabed and crystal clear water give the bay picturesque shades of colour.

Accessing the town via the single accessible road, you will notice on the left of the road a renowned venue "Il Babilonia" which every summer offers a rich program of events and outdoor concerts.
While at the end of the road there is a large pine forest where the local population usually stops to rest or have a picnic in the shade during the sultry summer days.

By following the path on foot that runs alongside the pine forest, on the edge of the cliff, it is possible to find small sandy coves, accessible when the sea is not rough or when the tide is low. It is possible to reach them by going down the stairs which have been carved into the rock over time. Due to their inconvenient location they are usually not crowded; therefore, he usually indulges in a solitary bath.