Boat excursions in Otranto. Visit the Salento coast, the caves and coves, with lunch on board.

Capo d'Otranto or Punta Palascìa,

Coordinates: 40°06′26″N 18°31′14″E

It is an extreme place, because the Italian sun that rises every day is extreme, its geographical position is extreme, the most eastern in Italy.

The lighthouse has recently been renovated and has been named as one of the five protected lighthouses by the European Commission.

According to nautical conventions, or rather - as reported on nautical charts - it also represents the point where the Adriatic Sea ends and where the Ionian Sea begins.


Alba dei Popoli - Otranto Festival is an initiative that takes inspiration from the symbolic force exerted by the "first smile of the sun" of the new year on Italy.

An initiative was launched jointly by the Province of Lecce, the Institute of Mediterranean Cultures of the Province of Lecce, the Municipality of Otranto and numerous national and international partners

The event has been taking place since 1999 and over the years international artists have joined. It is an entire month of traditional cultural shows and events, popular culture and artistic expressions of the peoples of the Mediterranean

Tradition dictates that we all meet under the lighthouse waiting for the first dawn of the new year, the first ray of sunshine that arrives on our peninsula, sipping a hot coffee and savoring a pasticciotto from Lecce