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Santa Cesarea Terme is a municipality in Salento inhabited by just under three thousand inhabitants. It is located on the eastern coast of Salento between Otranto and Castro, and is a place much appreciated and visited by tourists.

The town is located overlooking the sea in a range between 15 and 130 m above sea level. it develops on the high cliffs that characterize the landscape between Otranto and Leuca.

Since October 2006 its territory has been included in the Costa Otranto - Santa Maria di Leuca and Bosco di Tricase Park, established by the Puglia region in order to safeguard the eastern coast of Salento.

Santa Cesarea Terme is full of historic villas built by local nobles at the end of the twentieth century and partly with the Turkish style that characterized the eastern coast of Salento between 1480 and 1481.

Villa Sticchi is the building that immediately stands out, the symbol of Santa Cesarea Terme, with its arabesque lines. It is characterized by its onion-shaped dome: purple red.

It was built in 1885 according to the oriental style of the time. It has a portico with columns and arches, a double flight of stairs and decorations in Lecce stone which reveal the richness of the building.

Throughout the face it is possible to see floral motifs, with stars and geometric designs that characterized the buildings of the late nineteenth century.

Another building that stands out in Santa Cesarea is Villa Raffaella, today a 4-star hotel.

It was built starting in the mid-nineteenth century and is located in the upper part of the town.

By taking part in our Otranto - Zinzulusa Caves dinghy trip you will admire the fantastic Villa Sticchi, one of the most characteristic symbols of Santa Cesarea Terme