Boat excursions in Otranto. Visit the Salento coast, the caves and coves, with lunch on board.

The Broken cave is part of the wonderful Baia del Mulino d'Acqua;

Located just north of Otranto, seen from above, it presents a huge chasm in the ground, where the Mediterranean scrub is interrupted for a few metres, while seen from inside from a chasm in the vault of the cave.

It is set inside a cliff overlooking the sea and is made even more evocative by the sea water which varies from blue to emerald green.

It was born from the continuous and constant action of atmospheric agents added to the friability and porosity of the rock which characterizes this stretch of coast; it is not uncommon for winter frost and thaw to create lesions in the rock which turn into collapses of entire ridges;

Although we have tried to keep the beauty of this cave a secret, it has not escaped the potential of social media which in the short term has become a popular destination for tourists.

It is no longer possible to visit it by accessing it from the beach - there is almost nothing left of the beach now - but it is possible to arrive and swim by taking part in one of our Otranto - Turkish bay and/or Otranto - Stacks of Torre Sant'Andrea tours;