Boat excursions in Otranto. Visit the Salento coast, the caves and coves, with lunch on board.

Not far from the Torre dell'Orso beach there are two stacks, close and very similar to each other - their name is "The Two Sisters"

These two rocks take their name from the legend born from two human beings.

Two girls lived in a town in Salento, they were always busy working until one day they decided to take a walk by the sea; following paths and crossing woods they reached Torre dell'Orso.

Having been enchanted by such beauty, also aided by the heat of the summer, one of these throws herself into the void.

Not knowing how to swim, also thanks to the sea currents, she begins to scream asking for help: her sister can only jump in to help her.

They swim, they swim, but the more they swim, the more their efforts seem in vain. Without strength they embrace each other for the last time, now unable to overcome the fury of the sea, which swallows them and drowns them.

However, the god of the sea is sorry, he has compassion for the two innocent sisters, one who died due to unconsciousness and the other due to brotherly love; so he transforms them into two stacks, close together for eternity

Meanwhile, the screams were heard by a single fisherman who ran towards her, but only saw two sea stacks coming out of the water.

The two sisters continue to live in the legend of those two rocks not far from the beach.