Boat excursions in Otranto. Visit the Salento coast, the caves and coves, with lunch on board.

Orte bay, a name that derives from the term "ortor", the point where "the sun rises", is a splendid bay located a few kilometers south of Otranto and begins on the north side with Punta Facì and ends with the lighthouse of Punta Palascìa (Capo of Otranto)

It is surrounded entirely by the green pine forest that ends close to the old Bauxite quarry, a low cliff that slides slowly into the water, bushes and aromatic plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub

The water is crystal clear and access is permitted through certain low cliff points, ideal for lovers of the wildest nature, so as to have the impression of bathing in crystal clear water like that of the swimming pool.

In the immediate vicinity, there are no establishments or accommodation facilities, but only the charm of uncontaminated nature. During the beautiful northerly days, the snow-capped Balkan mountains rise on the horizon, blending in with the white clouds. A real show!

It is also a paradise for those who practice diving and scuba fishing, in fact, on the imaginary line that connects the two ends of the bay there is a seabed formed by a clear vertical wall, which from 12 meters deep drops to -30

It is possible to visit the Orte Bay by taking part in our Otranto - Zinzulusa Caves excursion