Boat excursions in Otranto. Visit the Salento coast, the caves and coves, with lunch on board.

Torre dell'Orso is one of the five marinas located within the municipality of Melendugno located on the most popular coast of Salento.

It is one of the most fascinating and evocative seaside resorts full of accommodation facilities, services for tourists and a splendid beach.

The name "Torre dell'Orso" derives from the presence of a tower built in the 16th century with the aim of spotting enemy ships on the horizon - subsequently the first landing of the Turks.

At the time it was a port of Roca where trade took place. The sailors left from Torre dell'Orso and then reached the bay of Valle dell'Orso in Albania.


The beach of Torre dell'Orso extends for approximately 800 meters and is surrounded by splendid dunes and pine forest.

It is characterized by very fine silver-coloured sand and water so clear that it is almost transparent, crystalline.

Towards the southernmost part of the beach, a few dozen meters from the shore, there are the famous Torre dell'Orso stacks, called "The Two Sisters"


From Lecce it can be reached by traveling first along the SP1 and then along the SP145

From Gallipoli it can be reached by taking the SS101 towards Lecce and, subsequently, first the SP366 and then the SP14