Boat excursions in Otranto. Visit the Salento coast, the caves and coves, with lunch on board.

The Palombara Cave, inaccessible by land, is set in an imposing wall of over 60 meters which descends sheer into the sea formed by the collapse of boulders following the fracturing of the limestone.

Just before crossing the threshold the water takes on blue/green shades depending on the time of day and how the sun's rays break on the rocky walls that descend into depth.

Once you cross the threshold, you will find a cavity 13 meters wide and 30 meters high where huge, very white stalactites descend from the walls like real hanging candles.

It is called Grotta Palombara because the palumbi (pigeons in the local dialect) are able to nest and live all year round thanks to the limestone cavities that drip fresh water.

It is also called the Cave with Curtains, since looking at the entrance from the inside out it looks like a curtain with lace held just from the center.

Today this cave is one of the many attractive destinations of Salento; it is not possible to swim, during the summer season a corridor is installed for the transit of nautical vehicles.